Smart moving Memphis

In 2015, the Netherlands started to support the Cycling Fellow Program for US Cities. The Dutch Cycling Embassy in cooperation with the Dutch Embassy in the US is carrying out this initiative. The objective is to facilitate an exchange between Dutch experts and their US counterparts, starting in four cities (Denver, Memphis, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh). 

The Cycling Fellows for Memphis are Kyle Wagenschutz (Memphis, now People for Bikes) and Tonny Bosch (MOVE Mobility). The program ran for more than six months; visiting the Netherlands and Memphis was part of it. Memphis has a lot to do to become a ‘cycling city’. After a good start in recent years the fellows designated a new planning approach for Memphis. The final map shows seven projects (so called ’Jewels’). The idea is that these jewels will lift the whole urban area to a higher cycling level. And this is not only about infrastructure and vehicles; organization and communication/promotion is a big part of it. 

Client: Dutch Embassy in USA and DCE | 2015

Bike network in Washington DC

Safe cycling becomes priority in Washington's West End Within the next three years a large-scale cycling network will be implemented in Washington's West End District, the western part of the city centre.

On behalf of the Dutch Cycling Embassy and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the Netherlands Embassy in Washington), Sjors van Duren from the Province of Gelderland, Marcel van Lieshout from MOVE Mobility and Richard ter Avest from Goudappel Coffeng were in Washington, where they joined forces with 40 local and national planners and designers to share Dutch expertise on traffic safety using the ThinkBike concept.

The US Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Fox, who was in Europe at the time, said he was very impressed by everything that’s going on in the infrastructure sector in the Netherlands. Recently he visited Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Oslo, and he was particularly enthusiastic about how different transport modes coexist peacefully in the Netherlands. He saw that cycling safety has a high priority and he supports the initiative being launched in Washington.

Client: Washington DC | 2016. 

Developing strategic networks with the MOVE-meter

Developing strategic networks with the MOVE-meter

Having an insightful tool at hand in workshops allows policy makers to quickly assess the benefits of changes in the network system. Therefore, accelerating the right choices for implementation.  For the city council of Austin (Texas) Goudappel Coffeng and partner Move Mobility facilitated planning workshops on new bicycle infrastructure. With our tool, the MOVE-meter, we were able to visualize and quantify how bicycle infrastructure can affect the transportation systems as a whole. These strategic insights changes priorities and thinking in the planning at hand. Instead of a focus on the riverside area, the best choices would be to substitute local car trips by cycling trips on the north-south corridors of Gaudalupe Street and South Lamar Boulevard. The latter is currently in the process of full redesign towards an urban street ‘Dutch Style’.

- Think Bike workshops
- Quick impact traffic and transport modelling
- Improving urban attractiveness by boosting cycling

Client: City of Texas | 2016.