Making US Cities more sustainable and accessible by improving how people get around

Towards a thriving economy

Inspired by Dutch expertise in urban and transportation planning, we are reimagining how American cities move. We believe a successful transportation network is critical to a thriving economy, connecting people to opportunities, and ensuring a high quality of life for people of all incomes and abilities.

Our cities today face a crisis. More car traffic congestion means increasingly dangerous levels of pollution, economic losses, and a decreased quality of life. Services like app-based ride-sharing have sprung up as a possible solution, but even these are not the silver bullet of urban mobility.

People first

Mobility Flow tackles this problem by putting people, not cars, first. By moving away from car-centric planning to an integrated mobility strategy in which all modes of transportation – from walking, cycling, taking public transit, and driving – are balanced. When we plan for people, not just cars, cities become more accessible. 

We achieve this vision in two ways. First, we inspire and create a vision of integrated mobility planning for your city. Then, we use quantitative tools to prove how this vision can become reality.

Leader on transportation planning

M-Flow LLC dba Mobility Flow is a proud partner with Excellent Cities and Goudappel Coffeng.

Goudappel Coffeng excels in sustainable integrated mobility planning and is a leader on transportation planning in the Netherlands.

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Mobility Flow offers a wide range of consulting services including

  • vision and mobility strategy planning
  • sustainable urban mobility planning and
  • quantitative tools (Move Meter, GIS, OmniTRANS).

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Hans van der Meer

CEO M-Flow LLC dba Mobility Flow

Bas Govers

Affiliate – Program Director Excellent Cities

Lucas van der Linde

Urban mobility planning consultant

Ilse Galama

Affiliate – Urban mobility planning consultant Goudappel Coffeng

Derek Taylor

Urban mobility modelling consultant

Clark Aganon

Urban mobility planning consultant

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